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The MimioTraining™ Quick Learn series is the cornerstone of Mimio Professional Development and Training. With sessions taught by Mimio Expert teachers, Quick Learn reaches thousands of teachers each year, providing them with the skills to successfully integrate MimioClassroom™ products into their curriculum. Now with the addition of On-Demand recorded sessions and compatibility with iPad tablets, Quick Learn is even easier to access.

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Mimio Goes Mobile: Setup and Support (60 min)

  • Downloading the MimioMobile™ application and MimioStudio™
  • Setting up the MimioMobile™ application
  • Reviewing MimioMobile and MimioPad toolbars
  • Control and Collaboration with the MimioMobile application
  • Using MimioVote™ assessment with the MimioMobile application
  • Using the MimioMobile application in the classroom

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Mimio Interactive Systems: Setup and Resources (60 min)

  • MimioStudio™ classroom software options and updates
  • Mimio interactive systems hardware review for the Mimio Interactive Xi™ and/or MimioTeach™ devices
  • Connecting your Mimio interactive device to the computer
  • Powering up your Mimio interactive system
  • Attaching your Mimio interactive system
  • Using your Mimio interactive

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A Tour of MimioStudio (60 min.)

  • Access the MimioStudio Notebook
  • Access the MimioStudio Tools toolbar
  • Learn about the MimioStudio Notebook menu
  • Learn about the MimioStudio Tools toolbar
  • Get an overview of MimioStudio Tools
  • Practice using various MimioStudio Tools

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Using the MimioStudio Gallery (60 min.)

  • Access the MimioStudio Gallery
  • Learn the difference between an INK file and an MCF file
  • Explore the functions of MimioStudio Gallery including:
  • Navigating
  • Searching
  • Moving Gallery files within the Gallery
  • Importing Content Packs
  • Importing MCFs
  • Import various file types into MimioStudio Gallery
  • Export Gallery content

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MimioStudio: Adding Content (60 min.)

  • Create interactive exercises with MimioStudio ActivityWizard
  • Add content using the Copy/Paste method
  • Add content using the Screen Clipping method
  • Import content into MimioStudio Notebook using the Insert menu and Insert File button
  • Import content into MimioStudio Notebook using the Import File button

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MimioStudio: Formatting I (60 min.)

  • Fixed Aspect Ratio
  • Object Grouping
  • Object Ordering
  • Object Locking
  • Object Transparency
  • Object Alignment

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MimioStudio: Formatting II (60 min.)

  • Adding Animations
  • Object Cloning
  • Object Hyperlinking
  • Object Action Settings
  • Backgrounds/Templates

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MimioStudio: Presenting Lessons (60 min.)

  • Reveal Tool
  • Spotlight Tool
  • Calculator Tool
  • Magnifier Tool
  • File Attachment
  • Screen Annotation

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MimioStudio: Extending Lessons (60 min.)

  • Page Transitions
  • Recognize Text
  • Text Tools
  • Recorder

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MimioView : Setup and Support (60 min.)

  • MimioStudio software options and updates
  • MimioView™ document camera hardware review
  • Powering the MimioView camera
  • Connecting the MimioView camera to your computer
  • Microscope eye piece adapter
  • Using the device buttons and menu buttons
  • Cleaning the MimioView camera

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MimioStudio Gradebook: Setup and Reports (60 min.)

MimioVote™ assessment users should begin with this session!

  • MimioStudio software options and updates.
  • Overview of MimioStudio Gradebook
  • Gradebook setup — adding classes and students
  • Adding activities
  • Navigating the Gradebook
  • Editing Gradebook information
  • Generating class and student reports
  • Exporting and importing data

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MimioVote: Setup and Support (60 min.)

Recommended Prerequisite: MimioStudio Gradebook (Session 10)

  • Download and install MimioStudio software
  • MimioVote assessment hardware review
  • Connecting to the MimioHub™ wireless receiver
  • Powering the MimioVote station
  • Handset buttons
  • Cleaning the MimioVote handsets and station
  • MimioVote Toolbar and Gradebook overview

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MimioVote: Creating Assessments (60 min.)

Recommended Prerequisite: MimioStudio Gradebook (Session 10)

  • Use MimioVote templates
  • Create questions and answers
  • Create activities
  • Practice conducting activities

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MimioConnect: Your Interactive Teaching Community (60 min.)
If you do not already have a MimioConnect® user account, click here to create one.

  • About the MimioConnect interactive teaching community
  • Grand tour of mimioconnect.com
  • Searching for and downloading resources for your interactive classroom
  • Sharing your content with the MimioConnect community

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Professional Development credit is available for attending Quick Learn sessions. After each session, successfully complete a short assessment that covers learned content and receive a Certificate of Completion. Certificates may qualify for one hour of Professional Development credit (CEUs) in your state or district.

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All sessions run on US Eastern Time (Boston, MA/ New York, NY)

For our online sessions, we utilize Blackboard Collaborate. This web conferencing solution enables us to interact via voice, chat, and shared applications. Make sure your computer is equipped with speakers to hear your moderator. Blackboard Collaborate may require some configuration, so please check your system prior to the course. iPad/iPhone users: Participate in our Quick Learn sessions right from your mobile device. Download the free Blackboard Collaborate Mobile app from the Apple iTunes store. Not currently available on Android devices.

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