Thank you for your interest in Mimio Instructional Products.

Please note that Mimio no longer offers the reading and science instructional products designed by Headsprout. We continue to offer a wide range of instructional hardware and software solutions.

As a global leader in interactive teaching technologies, Mimio designs innovative and affordable hardware and software that increase teacher effectiveness and student engagement in classrooms.

Our MimioClassroom™ suite of solutions includes fixed and portable interactive whiteboards, an interactive projector, wireless pen tablet, assessment system, document camera, ink recorder, and Apple and Android device application – all powered by award-winning MimioStudio™ software.

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MimioReading, MimioSprout, and MimioScience instructional products are now part of Learning A-Z.

Learning A-Z, a Cambium Learning company, offers affordable, easy-to-use teacher and student resources that fill the gaps left by many Reading, Writing, and Science education programs. Learning A-Z’s printable books, worksheets, and other projectable, online interactive and mobile teacher resources are already being used in more than half of the school districts in the U.S. and Canada and 165+ countries worldwide.
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