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Mimio® has heART: interactive teaching technology provider teams up with ArtStamps to offer unique school fundraiser

Students' "Stamp" Artwork helps enable schools to purchase Mimio interactive teaching technology for classrooms

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - April 2, 2009 - Mimio , a leading provider of interactive teaching technology, has partnered with ArtStamps, a national PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) school fundraiser that turns student artwork into U.S. postage. The Mimio ArtStamps Fundraiser Partnership was created to make it easy and very affordable for schools to become Mimio users, as the funds raised go towards the purchase of Mimio interactive systems. Through the promotion, not only are PTOs eligible for special Mimio Educator Pricing on products, ArtStamps is helping with a special dollar-matching program that applies to Mimio purchases. Many more schools may now enjoy the benefits of Mimio 's innovative interactive teaching solutions at prices that will not break even modest budgets.

To participate, children create and send in an original piece of artwork, and it becomes transformed into stamps that can be purchased to raise money for schools, organizations, or in this case, Mimio technology products. Through ArtStamps, schools sign up for the fundraiser program and 20% of the proceeds are applied towards the purchase of a Mimio interactive unit or Mimio accessories. Additionally, if the program has at least a 25% participation rate, ArtStamps will donate up to $150 dollars for Mimio products. By purchasing Mimio technology, schools will not only be able to acquire products at this special educator's discount, but also be able to access Mimio 's quick learn product training program so that teachers can quickly and conveniently use Mimio products in their classrooms.

"We are very excited to partner with Mimio as we are both committed to enhancing the classroom experience and creating a more active learning environment," said George Castineiras, President and CEO of ArtStamps. "We are proud to offer organizations and educators an easy, convenient and affordable fundraiser program so that, amid tightening budgets, schools can still afford interactive technology and tap into the benefits of Mimio Interactive solutions in the classrooms."

Mimio will be participating in PTO expos around the country to further support the Mimio and ArtStamps partnership. Check for these local expos in your area.

  • April 7th - Columbus, OH
  • April 28th - Minneapolis, MN
  • May 6th - Chicago, IL

"Schools are turning to fundraising groups more so than ever to help supply schools with teaching technology, supplies and support. In these tough times, Mimio is an even better value since the product works with existing whiteboards. In fact, with Mimio , schools can have three times as many interactive enabled classrooms per fundraising dollar than conventional interactive whiteboards allow," said Mel Jackson, Mimio general manager. "We will continue to partner with organizations such as ArtStamps that are working hard to further the development of education and put improved technology into thousands of schools across the country."

Unlike bulky conventional whiteboards, Mimio 's technology is housed in a compact bar that attaches easily to any whiteboard, converting it into a vibrant teaching tool. Mimio 's "all-in-one" interactive system is ideal for educators as products are portable, affordable and easy-to-use. With the purchase of Mimio technology, educators will turn learning into a vivid sensory experience with music, sounds, images, and animation that will motivate students to participate and retain material.

For more information on Mimio 's ArtStamps program, visit http://www.Mimio .com/artstamps/index.asp.

About Mimio and Newell Rubbermaid Technology
Mimio is a leading provider of interactive classroom technology that enables teachers, trainers, presenters, and collaborative teams to capture, manage, share and interactively create and present information and ideas. Mimio ® technology products have won more than 25 industry awards and are used in classrooms, offices, and conference rooms around the world. Part of Newell Rubbermaid's innovative global technology brands, these solutions enable businesses, educational institutions, and consumers to more efficiently capture, share, manage and organize information. The Classroom Technology Platform includes Mimio® interactive whiteboards and digital ink recorders (www.Mimio .com). These technology brands join a rich heritage of brands at Newell Rubbermaid including Calphalon®, EXPO®, Goody®, Graco®, Irwin®, Lenox®, Paper Mate®, Parker®, Rolodex®, Rubbermaid®, Sharpie® and Waterman®.

About ArtStamps
Based in Farmington, Connecticut, ArtStamps, LLC is a privately held company that believes in supporting creativity, literacy and education by allowing students to experience school fundraising in a unique and extraordinary way. Its patent-pending fundraising process provides a way for schools to conduct fundraising that is safe, healthy and creative by converting original student art into U.S. postage, note cards and more.

More information about ArtStamps can be found at or by calling (877) 4 ASTAMP.

Heather Himes, Ketchum

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