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November 2nd Elections and Mimio Vote

West Bridgewater Middle-Senior High School
October 29, 2010

West Bridgewater, MA - Seniors in the Contemporary American Issues courses are preparing for the upcoming November election. Their teachers have developed a lesson where students use Weebly an online web page design to research and to present to the class information on the candidates. On page one the group must provide a character / background  profile of the candidate. On page two students research their candidate’s stand on the issues, and on page three students write news articles which inform about their candidate or their opponent. Some of the groups became really creative downloading theme music and video clips to their created Web sites to bolster their candidate. The purpose of this assignment was to increase student awareness of the upcoming Massachusetts election, the key issues, and where these candidates stand. In our new Civics Elective course Mr. Teves is offering his students the exciting opportunity to create commercials of their candidates. In addition he is teaching his Juniors in USII the referendum process where students actually have opportunities to propose changes to existing laws. Some of these products include a Texting and Driving bill, changing the Drinking Age, and a Child Abuse bill. Further, we are sharing with our seniors and Juniors the choices voters will have this year in terms of the three Massachusetts Ballot questions. A few of our seniors are old enough to vote. Those who have registered will accompany Mr. Nenopoulos over to the Spring Street School during power block when they will vote. All the seniors will be participating this year in our school’s first electronic vote using Mimio Vote. This idea was a collaboration of several teachers which included Math, Technology, English and the social Studies Departments. The results will be announced to the school and compared to the election results the next day. Our seniors will be voting on six key races including the Three Ballot questions.

Happy voting everyone!