Mimio and OnPoint Partnership Helps SIG Recipient Lakeside Elementary Union School District Turnaround Persistently Low-Performing Schools

District’s Exit from Federal Watch Program Expedited After Innovative Approach and Culture Change

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Dec. 5, 2012 — For the first time in two years, Lakeside Union Elementary School District administrators are truly moving to the head of the class. In just over 24 months, the district has moved off the federal list of low-performing schools by implementing a complete and successful classroom overhaul that drove its state Academic Performance Index (API) to 710. The improved performance came as a result of a unique alliance between the district; Mimio, a global leader in developing interactive teaching technologies; and OnPoint Technologies, a strategic-based, technology and curriculum integration company.

Lakeside was first placed on the list in 2009 after it received a low API score of 624 and dropped 70 points over the previous few years. The school received a $3 million Federal School Improvement Grant (SIG) to be used over three years to help improve the school’s performance. After receiving the grant, Lakeside joined the national trend among schools by opting for “transformation,” which is the most flexible of the federally approved reform models and requires significant changes to instructional approaches and professional development. The funds were used to make significant technology upgrades at the school such as the installation of MimioClassroom interactive hardware and instructional software products in every classroom as well as the creation and implementation of strategies to improve teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom.

OnPoint took the lead in developing a comprehensive model of teacher-preparedness that started by revamping the district’s professional development program. Lakeside educators participated in engaging workshops that promoted a culture and system of data-centered, collaborative instructional models that were easy to implement in the classroom.

“The success of this program started and stopped with the foundational changes that took place with the organizational and cultural shifts in attitudes of the teachers and administrators,” said Kevin Mulligan, CEO of OnPoint. “They wanted to be the best they could be and were determined to embrace the significant changes in their classroom teaching methods that were required to improve student outcomes.”

Mimio’s role in the successful turnaround effort included outfitting each classroom with the award-winning interactive teaching technologies including the MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard, which converts any dry erase board into a fully-interactive whiteboard; MimioVote™ assessment; MimioView™ document camera; MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet; and MimioCapture™ ink recorder. Each MimioTeach that was installed came pre-packaged with the award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software, which is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

“Mimio is a valuable resource for our teachers,” said Dale Ellis, superintendent, Lakeside Union Elementary School District. “The teachers’ level of effectiveness has increased due to the resulting collaboration with the district and OnPoint and utilization of Mimio products.”

Over the last two years, Lakeside improved its API score by nearly 90 points; moved 10 percent of students to a proficient or advanced level on the California Standards Test and met 15 out of 15 AYP targets.

“The stakes are high for teachers and students to succeed – both in the classroom now and in the real world in the future,” said Manny Perez, Mimio’s general manager. “That’s why the addition of Mimio tools to the schools' learning environments in the wake of receiving the grant were so impactful. Great technology goes hand-in-hand with changing the dynamics of learning. When students are motivated and engaged and teachers are enthusiastic, great results can be obtained.”

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