New MimioReading iPad App Expands Reading Comprehension Delivery and Learning Opportunities for Grades 3-8

App Supplements Student Access to Reading Comprehension Programs

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Dec. 3, 2012 — Mimio, a global leader in interactive teaching technologies, has created an iPad app that broadens the ways in which teachers and students can use the MimioReading™ comprehension suite in the classroom and beyond. Designed as a companion to the comprehension suite, the new app gives anytime, anywhere access to interactive, mastery lessons on the four primary components of comprehension – finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes and the “main idea,” and learning vocabulary in context.

“With the new MimioReading iPad app, schools have more freedom and flexibility in the ways in which they can provide individualized instruction for reading comprehension,” says Manny Perez, general manager, Mimio. “It fits perfectly with our mission to continually expand the flexibility with which teachers can deliver lessons so that they can accommodate students’ different learning styles and ability levels. Whether they choose computers, interactive whiteboards, handsets or now a tablet that’s fast becoming a classroom favorite, our goal is to support that choice.”

Schools acquire the app when they purchase the MimioReading comprehension suite. Teachers can have students do MimioReading’s age-appropriate content and challenging activities on iPads in the classroom, but they also have the option of activating at-home access for whichever student they choose. Families who have bought MimioReading for home use can download the app for themselves from the iTunes App Store at no cost.

Users can utilize the app to access MimioReading’s component programs:

  • MimioSprout™ Early Reading provides basic reading skills intervention for students in grade three and above.
  • MimioReading Individualized Instruction adapts to each student’s specific learning pace, improving reading comprehension in grades three through five and providing effective intervention for grades five through eight.
  • MimioReading Group Instruction offers interactive group activities that can be adapted or edited to meet the needs of multiple students or the entire class in grades three through eight.
  • MimioStudio™ classroom software automatically integrates the entire MimioClassroom™ family of products

“Our new app makes the most of the iPad’s portability and potential for engagement,” says Perez. “Students find touch technology more intuitive and engaging so the MimioReading iPad app gives them an extremely fun way to learn while they improve their retention and gain comprehension skills for mastering other curricular areas such as science, social studies, and mathematics.”

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